Possible Impact of Dropout in a Study of High-Dose Olanzapine and Prolactin Levels

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Sir: Prolactin elevation as a consequence of antipsychotic drug therapy may result in decreased sexual desire, difficulties in sexual performance, and gynecomastia in men and in amenorrhea, infertility, breast engorgement, and lactation in women.1 Karagianis and Baksh2 studied 24 patients to determine whether high-dose (20–40 mg/day) olanzapine was associated with prolactin elevation. They found that there was no correlation between dose of olanzapine and prolactin level, that the highest elevation of prolactin was 20 ng/mL, and that only 21% of patients had (mildly) elevated prolactin levels.

J Clin Psychiatry 2004;65(8):1150