Treating Schizophrenia With Comorbid Depressive or Demoralization Symptoms

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Sir: Two of us (I.D.G., J.M.D.) recently had an article published in the Journal1 which suggested that concomitant psychotropic medications (CPMs) may not improve outcome of antipsychotic monotherapy for stabilized patients with nonacute schizophrenia. In the article, we stated that “to our knowledge, there have been no published reports of prospective investigations of systematic discontinuation of concomitant medication in this patient population (i.e., nonacute, stabilized patients with schizophrenia).”1(p1262) As it happens, one prospective, double-blind, randomized, controlled study of the discontinuation of adjunctive antidepressant medication, during maintenance-phase treatment had been conducted.2​​

J Clin Psychiatry 2008;69(3):501 [letter]