Age and Gender Considerations in Psychiatric Diagnosis: A Research Agenda for DSM-V

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From our regular book review column.

Age and Gender Considerations in Psychiatric Diagnosis has 44 contributors from among our most prolific and respected researchers, and it has relatively few sentences without a reference. The goals of this ambitious undertaking include discussing the seeds and directions for future research, increasing clinical understanding with current evidence base—useful in developing more effective treatment—and developing a prevention component to diminish disabilities.

The inclusion in the diagnostic and treatment processes of the many aspects of aging in very early and later life and the ever broadening aspects of gender/sex (with the term gender now more frequently preferred), e.g., chromosomal, genetic, gonadal, genital, assigned sociocultural gender, all of which can affect the brain, are among the special foci in this volume.

J Clin Psychiatry 2009;70(5):772-773