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One Hundred Years of Psychoanalysis, A Timeline: 1900–2000

J Clin Psychiatry 2011;72(4):571 [book review]

From our regular book review column.

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This communication by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl and Christine Dunbar somewhat stumped me as I was preparing for this review. It is not a book, but a visually accessible chronology of people (from Freud to Fonagy), psychoanalytic schools (Budapest, Adler, French, British, and Jung as well as “Freud and Freudians”), and both educational and clinical institutions (from the Wednesday Psychological Society to the Berlin Clinics to the founding of the Menninger Clinic), all displayed by chronological times, geographical locations, and theoretical peculiarities.

The timelines are augmented with brief (2- to 3-paragraph) descriptions of the major events and ideas of various decades.