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Searching For Serendipity

J Clin Psychiatry 2011;72(8):1156-1157 [letter]

Letter to the Editor

Because this piece does not have an abstract, we have provided for your benefit the first 3 sentences of the full text.

I read with interest the recent excellent article by Andrew C. Leon concerning the evolution of the field of clinical psychopharmacology. Quite understandably, this article recognizes the contribution of serendipity in the discovery of our present classes of psychiatric medications and laments the observation that we have not been continuing to discover truly novel “blockbuster” interventions and/or new mechanisms of action in more recent decades.

Part of this lack of finding additional agents through serendipity may have to do with the most powerful, or most broadly useful, agents’ naturally being prone to being discovered first, and we may simply be in the situation of having already harvested the “low-hanging fruit.”