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Psychosis With Coexisting Substance Misuse: The NICE Guideline on Assessment and Management in Adults and Young People (National Clinical Guideline No. 120)

J Clin Psychiatry 2013;74(2):e145 [book review]

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This book consists of a set of guidelines developed for the purpose of advising on the assessment and management of adults and young people, 14 years and older, who suffer from and/or manifest symptoms related to psychosis and coexisting substance misuse.

The guidelines and recommendations were produced and elaborated upon by a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals, as well as a service user organization and a career guideline methodologist, after careful consideration of the best available evidence. Hopefully, the guidelines will be useful for clinicians and service commissioners in planning and providing high-quality care models of intervention for people with psychosis and coexisting substance misuse, as well as for relatives and significant others of these individuals.