Articles About Diagnostic Tools

The BATHE Method: Incorporating Counseling and Psychotherapy Into the Everyday Management of Patients

Dissociative Spectrum Disorders in the Primary Care Setting.

A Proposed Algorithm for Improved Recognition and Treatment of the Depression/Anxiety Spectrum in Primary Care.

Mental Health Screening in Primary Care: A Comparison of 3 Brief Measures of Psychological Distress

The Mood Disorder Questionnaire: A Simple, Patient-Rated Screening Instrument for Bipolar Disorder.

Rebuilding Family Relationship Competencies as a Primary Health Intervention.

Assessment of Patients Who Attempt Suicide.

The Feasibility of Using the Spanish PHQ-9 to Screen for Depression in Primary Care in Honduras.

Measures to Assess the Noncognitive Symptoms of Dementia in the Primary Care Setting

A Pilot Study Examining the Relationship Between Patients’ Complaints and Scores on the Hirschfeld Mood Disorder Questionnaire

Comparison of 3 Depression Screening Methods and Provider Referral in a Veterans Affairs Primary Care Clinic

Alzheimer’s Disease in the Family Practice Setting: Assessment of a Screening Tool

Reflections on DSM Classification and Its Utility in Primary Care: Case Studies in "Mental Disorders"

Commentary: Use of Treatment Algorithms for Depression.

Depression Screening Interfaced With an Electronic Health Record: A Feasibility Study in a Primary Care Clinic Using Optical Mark Reader Technology.

Diagnosis of Nonorganic Monoplegia With Single-Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Psychometric Properties of the Mini-Social Phobia Inventory

Screening for Childhood Trauma in Adult Primary Care Patients: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Patient Health Questionnaire Depression Scale as a Suicide Screening Instrument in Depressed Primary Care Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study

Treatment Strategies for Bipolar Disorder: CALM SEA

A Case of Interdose Discontinuation Symptoms With Venlafaxine Extended Release

Electronic Clinical Decision Support for Management of Depression in Primary Care: A Prospective Cohort Study

Sexual Dysfunction in Male Subjects Receiving Trifluoperazine, Risperidone, or Olanzapine: Rates Vary With Assessment Questionnaire

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for the Treatment of Depression and Adherence in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes: Pilot Data and Feasibility

A Quick Test of Cognitive Speed for Comparing Processing Speed to Differentiate Adult Psychiatric Referrals With and Without Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders

Prediction of Trauma-Related Disorders: A Proposed Cutoff Score for the Peritraumatic Distress Inventory

The Predictive Value of the Memory Impairment Screen in Patients With Subjective Memory Complaints: A Prospective Study

Selecting Neuroimaging Techniques: A Review for the Clinician

Comparison Between the Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale–Self and the Beck Depression Inventory II in Primary Care

Development of the 7-Item Binge-Eating Disorder Screener (BEDS-7)

Predictors of Calf Arterial Compliance in Male Veterans With Psychiatric Diagnoses

A Culturally Adapted Educational Tool to Increase Patient Engagement in Depression Treatment: Early Report From a Study to Reduce Stigma

Eponymous Psychiatric Syndromes Revisited