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Twelve-Step Programs as an Adjunct to Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology.

A Descriptive Study of Psychiatric Consultations in a Community Primary Care Center

Social Security Claims of Psychiatric Disability: Elements of Case Adjudication and the Role of Primary Care Physicians

Benefits of an Outpatient Psychiatric TeleConsultation Unit: Results of a 1-Year Pilot

Family Support, Self-Rated Health, and Psychological Distress

Electronic Medical Records and Depression Screening in Primary Care

The Role of Psychiatry in the Management of Acute Trauma Surgery Patients

CPT Coding for Mental Illness Diagnoses

Psychosocial Response to Mass Casualty Terrorism: Guidelines for Physicians

ROUNDS IN THE GENERAL HOSPITAL: Cognitive and Perceptual Disturbances in a Young Man

Recognizing Psychologically Masked Illnesses: The Need for Collaborative Relationships in Mental Health Care

A Wellness Intervention Program for Patients With Mental Illness: Self-Reported Outcomes

Fitness to Drive of Psychiatric Patients

Patient Follow-Up in Primary Care After Behavioral Health Screening in an Urban Public Hospital System: A Prospective, Observational Study of 2686 Patients

Visual Hallucinations: Differential Diagnosis and Treatment

Liability Associated With Prescribing Medications

The Assessment and Management of Agitation and Delirium in the General Hospital

What About Telepsychiatry? A Systematic Review

The Impact of Body Image on Patient Care

A Motivational Interviewing Group to Manage Cardiometabolic Risk on an Inpatient Psychiatry Unit

Multidisciplinary Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Training for the Veterans Affairs Primary Care Setting

Qualities of a Good Psychiatrist: A Comparison of Opinions Between Psychiatrists and General Practitioners

Preventive Medical Services Use Among Community Mental Health Patients With Severe Mental Illness: The Influence of Gender and Insurance Coverage

Psychiatric Treatment Needs Among the Medically Underserved: A Study of Black and White Primary Care Patients Residing in a Racial Minority Neighborhood

Do Patients With Borderline Personality Disorder in Primary Care Gain Access to Mental Health Services?

Rounds in the General Hospital: Prior Discharges Against Medical Advice and Withdrawal of Consent: What They Can Teach Us About Patient Management

Failure to Fill Electronically Prescribed Antidepressant Medications: A Retrospective Study

Improving Quality of Depression Care Using Organized Systems of Care: A Review of the Literature

Rounds in the General Hospital: Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Patients With Cancer

A Cardiometabolic Psychiatry Consultation Service in a State Psychiatric Hospital

Impact of Physician Counseling and Perception of Teratogenic Risks: A Survey of 96 Nonpregnant Women With Anxiety

Clinical Effectiveness of Using an Integrated Model to Treat Depressive Symptoms in Veterans Affairs Primary Care Clinics and Its Impact on Health Care Utilization

Aggressive Patient Behaviors Related to Medical Care: A Cross-Sectional Self-Report Survey

Living With a Chronic Illness

Diagnosis and Management of Depression in 3 Countries: Results From a Clinical Vignette Factorial Experiment

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Screening Practices: A 2010 Internet Assessment of Customary Care

Recognition of Psychiatric Symptoms and Conditions in Latino Patients

Clinical Excellence in Psychiatry: A Review of the Psychiatric Literature

Effect of Comorbid Depression on Outcomes in Diabetes and Its Relationship to Quality of Care and Patient Adherence: A Statewide Primary Care Ambulatory Research and Resources Consortium Study

Primary Care–Mental Health Integration Programs in the Veterans Affairs Health System Serve a Different Patient Population Than Specialty Mental Health Clinics

Toxicologic Testing for Opiates: Understanding False-Positive and False-Negative Test Results

Establishing a Therapeutic Focus

Collaborative Care for the Treatment of Depression in Primary Care With a Low-Income, Spanish-Speaking Population: Outcomes From a Community-Based Program Evaluation


Effect of Sleep Skills Education on Sleep Quality in Patients Attending a Psychiatry Partial Hospitalization Program

Depression and Chronic Diseases: It Is Time for a Synergistic Mental Health and Primary Care Approach

Educational Impact of a Psychiatric Liaison in the Medical Intensive Care Unit: Effects on Attitudes and Beliefs of Trainees and Nurses Regarding Delirium

Commentary: Psychiatric Pharmacist Integration Into the Medical Home

Teaching Our Young

Cultural Adaptation and Individual Tailoring: Two Approaches to the Development of Culturally Responsive Treatment

Descriptive Analysis of a Novel Health Care Approach: Reverse Colocation—Primary Care in a Community Mental Health “Home”

Pilot Study of Implementation of an Internet-Based Depression Prevention Intervention (CATCH-IT) for Adolescents in 12 US Primary Care Practices: Clinical and Management/Organizational Behavioral Perspectives

Using Measurement-Based Care With Patient Involvement to Improve Outcomes in Depression [CME]

Helplessness in the Helpers: Etiology and Management

“It’s Like Being a Well-Loved Child”: Reflections From a Collaborative Care Team

Editorial: A New Era of Collaboration for Primary Care and Psychiatry

Prevalence of Substance Misuse in New Patients in an Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic Using a Prescription Monitoring Program

Acute Interventions and Referral of Patients With Bipolar Disorder by the Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Service in a General Hospital in Germany: A Retrospective Analysis

Involuntary Hospitalization of Primary Care Patients

The Assertive Community Treatment Team: An Appropriate Treatment for Medical Disorders That Present With Prominent Psychiatric Symptoms

Mental Health From the Perspective of Primary Care Residents: A Pilot Survey

Twelve-Month Prospective Randomized Study of Pharmacists Utilizing Point-Of-Care Testing for Metabolic Syndrome and Related Conditions in Subjects Prescribed Antipsychotics

Assessing Capacity in Psychiatric Patients With Acute Medical Illness Who Refuse Care

Nonpsychiatric Medication Interventions Initiated by a Postgraduate Year 2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Resident in a Patient-Centered Medical Home

Collaboration and Referral Between Internal Medicine and Psychiatry

Psychological Intervention in Primary Care After Earthquakes in Lorca, Spain

Psychiatric Rehospitalization: Development of a Person-Level Indicator for Care Planning and Quality Assurance

The 23-Hour Observation Unit Admissions Within the Emergency Service at a National Tertiary Psychiatric Hospital: Clarifying Clinical Profiles, Outcomes, and Predictors of Subsequent Hospitalization

Diagnosis and Treatment Procedures for Patients With Anxiety Disorders by the Psychiatric Consultation Liaison Service in a General Hospital in Germany: A Retrospective Analysis

Poor Sleep Quality at Discharge as a Predictor of Readmission to a Psychiatry Partial Hospitalization Program

Is Metabolic Syndrome On the Radar? Improving Real-Time Detection of Metabolic Syndrome and Physician Response by Computerized Scan of the Electronic Medical Record

A Retrospective Snapshot of Patients Prescribed Acute Versus Chronic Narcotic Therapy in a Resident-Provider Internal Medicine Outpatient Clinic

Pattern of Care Before Presentation Among the Psychiatric Emergency Cases at a Tertiary Health Care Center in Nigeria

Managing Depression Among Homeless Mothers: Pilot Testing an Adapted Collaborative Care Intervention

Feasibility and Acceptability of a Positive Psychological Intervention for Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Evaluation and Treatment of the Angry Patient

Crying: Differential Diagnosis and Management Strategies