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Articles About Integrated Care

A Descriptive Study of Psychiatric Consultations in a Community Primary Care Center

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Developing Effective Collaboration Between Primary Care and Mental Health Providers

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Patient Follow-Up in Primary Care After Behavioral Health Screening in an Urban Public Hospital System: A Prospective, Observational Study of 2686 Patients

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Beyond the DSM: The Perspectives of Psychiatry Approach to Patients

Commentary: Psychiatric Pharmacist Integration Into the Medical Home

Mental Health From the Perspective of Primary Care Residents: A Pilot Survey

Nonpsychiatric Medication Interventions Initiated by a Postgraduate Year 2 Psychiatric Pharmacy Resident in a Patient-Centered Medical Home

Psychological Intervention in Primary Care After Earthquakes in Lorca, Spain

Is Metabolic Syndrome On the Radar? Improving Real-Time Detection of Metabolic Syndrome and Physician Response by Computerized Scan of the Electronic Medical Record

Managing Depression Among Homeless Mothers: Pilot Testing an Adapted Collaborative Care Intervention

Dental Care: A Necessary Component of Integrated Care

Improving Mental Health Training for Primary Care Residents: A Resident-Led Educational Intervention