Articles About Metabolic Disorders

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Metabolic Syndrome in Obese Patients With Binge-Eating Disorder in Primary Care Clinics: A Cross-Sectional Study

Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in a Predominantly Cuban, Psychiatrically Ill, and Homeless Population

Diabetes Insipidus Secondary to Combination Atypical Antipsychotic and Lithium Use in a Bipolar Disorder Patient: A Case Report

Schizoaffective Disorder With Missed Diagnosis of Acute Porphyria: A Case Report and Overview

A 52-Week, Double-Blind Evaluation of the Metabolic Effects of Aripiprazole and Lithium in Bipolar I Disorder

Olanzapine-Induced Weight Gain in Patients With Bipolar I Disorder: A Meta-Analysis

Metabolic Health of People Admitted to a Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit in Adelaide, South Australia

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Vitamin D Status and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Long-Term Psychiatric Inpatients

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for the Treatment of Depression and Adherence in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes: Pilot Data and Feasibility

Vitamin D Deficiency Among Psychiatric Inpatients

Effect of Comorbid Depression on Outcomes in Diabetes and Its Relationship to Quality of Care and Patient Adherence: A Statewide Primary Care Ambulatory Research and Resources Consortium Study

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Ranitidine, Metformin, and Topiramate: Managing Weight Gain in a Clozapine-Treated Patient With Schizoaffective Disorder

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Outpatient Metformin Management of Obese Individuals With Schizophrenia

Increased Silent Brain Infarction Accompanied With High Prevalence of Diabetes and Dyslipidemia in Psychiatric Inpatients: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Thyroid Gland Volume Is Significantly Smaller in Patients With Psychiatric Disorders Than in Those Without Psychiatric Disorders

Association Between Specific Depression Symptoms and Glycemic Control Among Patients With Comorbid Type 2 Diabetes and Provisional Depression

Medication Use and Metabolic Syndrome Among Overweight/Obese Patients With and Without Binge-Eating Disorder in a Primary Care Sample

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