Treatment of Acute Mania With Aripiprazole in an Older Adult With Noted Improvement in Coexisting Parkinson’s Disease

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Sir:We describe a patient in a skilled nursing facility who had symptom exacerbation of bipolar disorder while taking divalproex and olanzapine. The patient was treated with a combination of aripiprazole and divalproex after discontinuation of olanzapine. Case report. Ms. A, a 64-year-old single, white, female resident of a skilled nursing facility, was admitted to the inpatient psychiatric unit due to psychotic symptoms characterized by delusions (claims that she had been sexually active in the nursing facility and was pregnant) and impaired judgment. The patient had a DSM-IV diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder with psychotic symptoms.​

Primary Care Companion J Clin Psychiatry 2004;6(1):50-51