About The Association of Medicine and Psychiatry

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THE ASSOCIATION OF MEDICINE AND PSYCHIATRY was founded in 1991 by physicians concerned about the care of patients at the interface of medicine and psychiatry. It is an interdisciplinary clinical and scientific group composed of both primary care physicians and psychiatrists who work together to promote highquality patient care for those with concurrent physical and psychiatric difficulties, develop guidelines for services and training experiences specifically designed to address the problems of patients with combined illness, and foster basic and applied research in this area. 

THE PRINCIPAL OBJECTIVE of the Association is to enhance the care of patients with concurrent physical and neuropsychiatric disorders through teaching, the development of clinical services, and research. This objective shall be achieved: 

(1) By creating educational programs consisting of scientific and applied information about problems commonly encountered in patients with concurrent medical and psychiatric difficulties;​

Prim Care Companion J Clin Psychiatry 2005;7(2):79