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Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc., publishes 1 print journal, The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry (JCP), which is published monthly. A second, online-only journal geared toward primary care physicians, Th​e Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders (PCC), is published online 6 times per year.

Advertising Principles

Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc., adheres to the highest ethical standards when interspersing advertisements throughout the journal: (1) placement is held in the strictest confidence; (2) ads on a specific drug or topic are not placed immediately adjacent to editorial material of the same; (3) for non-premium positions, ads are rotated throughout the book from issue to issue.

Print Advertising Information

Entire 4-page 2011 Rate Sheet

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Readership and Impact Information

Among all psychiatry journals referenced in the National Library of Medicine, The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry ranks #1 in both readership and ad page exposures as measured in Focus® Media-Chek.a

The Journal continues to be one of the most cited psychiatric journals in the world with an IF of 5.218. Moreover, JCP is ranked as the world’s third most important psychiatric journal, with an Eigenfactor™ score of 0.04394.b

The Journal mails monthly to an average of 35,254 qualified recipients,c and it is the official journal of the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology.

aKantar Media, Inc. June 2010 Psychiatry Publication Audit.

bJournal Citation Reports, December 2009.

cBPA Circulation statement, June 2010.

Classified Ads

Half-page and full-page black-and-white and 4-color Print ads and Web postings are available. See the Classified Ads Rate Sheet or contact for further information.

Electronic Advertising

JCP and PCC offer Web ads throughout their Web site and in E-Lerts (electronic e-mail alerts):

  • has nearly 200,000 visitors per month (Web Trends).
  • E-Lerts are sent to over 31,000 allied mental health professionals who have requested daily receipt of informational e-mails about our jour​nals and Web CME activities.

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Conference Ads

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Print services:

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