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Aripiprazole Partial Agonism at 5-HT2C: A Comparison of Weight Gain Associated With Aripiprazole Adjunctive to Antidepressants With High Versus Low Serotonergic Activities
Charles T. Nguyen, Jennifer A. Rosen, and Robert G. Bota
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The Effect of Personality Disorder Symptoms on Response to Treatment With Methylphenidate Transdermal System in Adults With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
John L. Olsen, Frederick W. Reimherr, Barrie K. Marchant, Paul H. Wender, and Reid J. Robison
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The Effectiveness of Antidepressant Monotherapy in a Naturalistic Outpatient Setting
Tih-Shih Lee, Pryseley Nkouibert Assam, Kenneth R. Gersing, Edwin Chan, Bruce M. Burchett, Kang Sim, Lei Feng, K. Ranga Krishnan, and A. John Rush
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Resource Utilization and Costs Associated With Insomnia Treatment in Patients With Major Depressive Disorder
Haijun Tian, Safiya Abouzaid, Susan Gabriel, Kristijan H. Kahler, and Edward Kim
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Five Forms of Childhood Trauma: Relationships With Aggressive Behavior in Adulthood
Randy A. Sansone, Justin S. Leung, and Michael W. Wiederman
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Diagnosis of Depression in Adolescents Following Traumatic Fracture: A Retrospective Analysis
Alyson L. Kepple, James N. Irvine Jr, and Vishal Madaan
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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: When Behaviors Imply Dementia [CME]
Anna D. Burke, Roy Yaari, Geri Hall, Helle Brand, Pierre Tariot, Adam Fleisher, and Jan Dougherty
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Commentary: Improving Outcomes in Multiple Sclerosis Through Early Diagnosis and Effective Management [CME]
Emmanuelle Waubant
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Preparing for the Next Stage
Dean Schuyler
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Dextromethorphan and Quinidine Combination in Emotional Lability Associated With Depression: A Case Report
Erick Messias and Betty Everett
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Dependence on Supratherapeutic Doses of Modafinil: A Case Report
Natasha Kate, Sandeep Grover, and Deepak Ghormode
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A Case of Ropinirole-Induced Compulsive Behavior
Harmit Singh, Mary Theresa Veglia, and Sriram Ramaswamy
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Successful Management of Difficult-to-Treat Aggression With Low-Dose Propranolol in a Patient With Intellectual Disability: A Case Report
Ravi Philip Rajkumar
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Priapism Lasting 19 Hours With Combined Use of Trazodone and Mirtazapine in a Patient With History of Successfully Tolerating Each Agent as Monotherapy
Taral R. Sharma
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A Case of Priapism Associated With Rapid Increase in Risperidone Dose
Shariq Refai and Helenna H. Nakama
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Doxazosin for the Treatment of Nightmares: Does It Really Work? A Case Report
Roopa Sethi and Sachinder Vasudeva
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History of Alcohol and/or Drug Problems and Their Relationship to Disruptive Behaviors in the Medical Setting
Randy A. Sansone, Shahzad Farukhi, and Michael W. Wiederman
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