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Handling Children’s Aggression Constructively: Toward Taming Human Destructiveness

J Clin Psychiatry 2011;72(10):1432 [book review]

From our regular book review column.

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Violence is found in nearly every arena of life from the politicallandscape to the domestic setting, and yet the impulse for violence isnot always understood. Certainly, in child psychiatry, one of the mostcommon presenting complaints is a child’s aggression within the schoolor home. Within this context, then, Dr Henri Parens’ book isparticularly timely and relevant. Dr Parens, a senior psychoanalyst andprofessor of psychiatry at Thomas Jefferson University Medical College,intended that his book serve as a guide for parents, mental health careproviders, pediatricians, and other caregivers in managing andunderstanding children’s aggression.