Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Issue 60(

Our Sixtieth Year

Introduction. Pharmacoeconomics of Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia

Outcome in Schizophrenia: Beyond Symptom Reduction

Introduction. Assessing Antidepressant Efficacy: A Reexamination

Introduction. The Use of Mood Stabilizers in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders

Introduction. Goal of Antidepressant Therapy: Response or Remission and Recovery?

Introduction. Focus on Primary Care Management of Depression

Introduction. Awakening Psychiatry to Geriatrics: Finagle, Osler, and Ginger Rogers

Introduction. New Frontiers in the Management of Social Anxiety Disorder: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Clinical Course

Introduction. What Makes an Antipsychotic Atypical?

Introduction. Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia and Beyond: Current Concepts and Future Prospects.

Introduction. Newer Drugs for Older Patients

Long-Term Nature of Depression

Introduction. The Phenomenology and Treatment of Aggression Across Psychiatric Illnesses

Introduction. The Scientific Expert Meeting

Introduction. New Treatments for Anxiety Disorders: Clinical Approaches for Successful Outcomes.

Introduction. Antipsychotic Agents: Clinical, Economic, and Legal Considerations in the Treatment of Psychosis.

Introduction. Treatment of Depression in Long-Term Care Patients

Introduction. Weight Gain With Psychotropics: Size Does Matter

Introduction. Defining Remission in Patients Treated With Antidepressants

Introduction.Learning From Our Patients: Key Issues in the Clinical Treatment of Schizophrenia From a Longitudinal Perspective

The Economic Impact of Schizophrenia

Introduction. Effects of Medical Interventions on Suicidal Behavior

Mechanism of Action of Antidepressant Medications

The Underrecognition and Undertreatment of Depression: What Is the Breadth and Depth of the Problem?

Psychoses in the Elderly: A Spectrum of Disorders

The History, Epidemiology, and Differential Diagnosis of Social Anxiety Disorder

The Evolving Definition of Treatment Resistance

Pharmacology of Antidepressants: Selectivity or Multiplicity?

Gender Differences in the Epidemiology and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders