Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Issue 60(10)

Molecular Neurobiology for Practicing Psychiatrists, Part 2: How Neurotransmitters Activate Second Messenger Systems

The Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) Schizophrenia Algorithms

A Comparative Effectiveness Study of Risperidone and Olanzapine in the Treatment of Schizophrenia

Droperidol: Efficacy and Side Effects in Psychiatric Emergencies

Zolpidem for Persistent Insomnia in SSRI-Treated Depressed Patients

The Reliability and Validity of a Screening Questionnaire for 13 <em>DSM-IV</em> Axis I Disorders (the Psychiatric Diagnostic Screening Questionnaire) in Psychiatric Outpatients

Withdrawal From Controlled Carbamazepine Therapy Followed by Further Carbamazepine Treatment in Patients With Dementia

The Effectiveness of Antidepressants in Elderly Depressed Outpatients: A Prospective Case Series Study

Donepezil for Psychotropic-Induced Memory Loss

Reply to Letter to the Editor "Upper-Extremity Self-Amputation in a Case of Dissociative Identity Disorder"

Upper-Extremity Self-Amputation in a Case of Dissociative Identity Disorder

Anetholtrithion Stabilizes Body Weight Fluctuation Caused by Excessive Water Drinking in a Patient With Schizophrenia: A Case Report

Relative Weight Gain Among Antipsychotics

Reply to Letter to the Editor "Relative Weight Gain Among Antipsychotics"

Venlafaxine Versus Fluoxetine

Lamotrigine as Prophylaxis Against Steroid-Induced Mania

Reserpine Treatment of Comorbid Tourette's Disorder and Tardive Dystonia

Adding Other Antipsychotics to Clozapine

Clinical Geriatric Psychopharmacology, 3rd ed

Antidepressant Therapy at the Dawn of the Third Millennium

Psychiatry and the Cinema, 2nd ed

Psychological Trauma (Review of Psychiatry Series, Vol. 17)

Critical Overview: Adverse Cutaneous Reactions to Psychotropic Medications