Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Issue 60(12)

Molecular Neurobiology for Practicing Psychiatrists, Part 4: Transferring the Message of Chemical Neurotransmission From Presynaptic Neurotransmitter to Postsynaptic Gene Expression

Safety and Tolerability of Oral Loading Divalproex Sodium in Acutely Manic Bipolar Patients

The Emergence of Social Phobia During Clozapine Treatment and Its Response to Fluoxetine Augmentation

Multicenter, Placebo-Controlled, Fixed-Dose Study of Citalopram in Moderate-to-Severe Depression

Paroxetine, Clomipramine, and Cognitive Therapy in the Treatment of Panic Disorder

Clinical Features, Psychiatric Comorbidity, and Health-Related Quality of Life in Persons Reporting Compulsive Computer Use Behavior

Venlafaxine in the Treatment of Dysthymia: An Open-Label Study

Effectiveness of Antipsychotic Therapy in a Naturalistic Setting: A Comparison Between Risperidone, Perphenazine, and Haloperidol

Buspirone as an Antidote to SSRI-Induced Bruxism in 4 Cases

Two-Year Maintenance Treatment With Citalopram, 20 mg, in Unipolar Subjects With High Recurrence Rate

Sildenafil Treatment of Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction

Reply to Letter to the Editor "Sildenafil Treatment of Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunction"

Improved Outcome in Fluvoxamine-Treated Patients With SSRI-Induced Sexual Dysfunction

Reply to Letter to the Editor "Improved Outcome in Fluvoxamine-Treated Patients With SSRI-Induced Sexual Dysfunction"

Choreiform Dyskinesia With Acute Onset and Protracted Course Following Fluoxetine Treatment

Deliberate Self-Poisoning Following Fluvoxamine-Neuroleptics Combination

Penile Anesthesia Associated With Sertraline Use

Tardive Dyskinesia Associated With Olanzapine Monotherapy

Drug Action in the Central Nervous System

Smoke and Mirrors: The Devastating Effect of False Sexual Abuse Claims

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Clinical Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment for Health Professionals, 2nd ed.

Clinical Textbook of Addictive Disorders, 2nd ed

Schizoaffective Disorder: A Form of Schizophrenia or Affective Disorder?

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