Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Issue 61(1)

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Millennial Thanks

Molecular Neurobiology for Practicing Psychiatrists, Part 5: How a Leucine Zipper Can Turn On Genes: Immediate-Early Genes Activate Late-Gene Expression in the Brain

The Increasing Use of Polypharmacotherapy for Refractory Mood Disorders: 22 Years of Study

Racial Variation in Antidepressant Treatment in a Medicaid Population

Clozapine Treatment in a Population of Adults With Mental Retardation

Venlafaxine Versus Fluvoxamine in the Treatment of Delusional Depression: A Pilot Double-Blind Controlled Study

Effects of Light Therapy on Suicidal Ideation in Patients With Winter Depression

Antipsychotic Drug Treatment in First-Episode Mania: A 6-Month Longitudinal Study

Posttraumatic Residues of Captivity: A Follow-Up of Israeli Ex_Prisoners of War

A Placebo-Controlled Trial of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Clomipramine in Trichotillomania

Interpersonal Psychotherapy and Antidepressant Medication: Evaluation of a Sequential Treatment Strategy in Women With Recurrent Major Depression

Gender Difference in Severity of Schizophrenia

Bupropion-Amantadine-Associated Neurotoxicity

Sexual Dysfunction on Fluvoxamine Therapy

Reply to Letter to the Editor "Sexual Dysfunction on Fluvoxamine Therapy"

Clozapine Versus Chlorpromazine in Geriatric Patients

Combination of Donepezil and Gabapentin for Behavioral Disorders in Alzheimer's Disease

Straight Talk About Psychiatric Medications for Kids

The Rise of Psychopharmacology and the Story of CINP

Black Psychiatrists and American Psychiatry

High Exposure to Neuroleptics in Bipolar Patients: A Retrospective Review