Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Issue 62(

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Introduction: A New Era in the Pharmacotherapy of Psychotic Disorders

Introduction: Sexual Dysfunction Associated With Depression

Introduction: Early Onset of Antidepressant Action

Introduction: Comparison of the Bioequivalence of Generic Versus Branded Clozapine

Introduction: Chronic Major Depression: A Review and Update

Introduction: Weight Gain: A Growing Problem in Schizophrenia Management

Introduction: Focus on Depression and Anxiety Disorders in General Medicine

Introduction: Evaluating Clinical Trial Data From Schizophrenia Research

Introduction: New Developments for Treating Sleep Disorders

Introduction: Focus on Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Introduction: Remission of Anxiety-Related Disorders

Introduction: Focus on Transcultural Issues in Depression and Anxiety

Introduction: The Role of Anticonvulsants as Mood Stabilizers

Introduction: Recognizing Treatment-Resistant Depression

Introduction: Understanding Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):An Overview

Introduction: Management of Treatment-Resistant Depression

Introduction: Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Why Are We Failing Our Patients?

Introduction: Pharmacologic Treatment of Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia: A Current Focus for Clinicians, Researchers, and Caregivers

Introduction: The Role of Enteric-Coated Fluoxetine Once-Weekly in Achieving Optimal Outcomes in the Long-Term Treatment of Depression

Introduction: Weight Gain and Glucose Regulation During Antipsychotic Drug Treatment

Long-Term Treatment of Recurrent and Chronic Depression

Integration of Suicide Prevention Into Outpatient Management of Bipolar Disorder

Introduction: Optimizing Outcomes of Treating Depression: Meeting Patient Expectations

Introduction: Metabolic Disturbances Associated With Antipsychotic Use

Early Onset of Antidepressant Action: Impact on Primary Care

United States Food and Drug Administration Requirements for Approval of Generic Drug Products

The Pharmacology of Weight Gain With Antipsychotics