Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Issue 70(9)

Treating Partial Responders to Antidepressant Treatment

Diagnosis and Impact of Bipolar Depression

Newer Medications for Complicated Depression

Treatment Options for Children and Adolescents With Bipolar Disorder

Postpartum Depression Treatment and Breastfeeding

Brainstorms: Epigenetics and Methylomics in Psychiatry

Intervention in Individuals at Ultra High Risk for Psychosis: A Review and Future Directions

Relations Among Psychopathology, Substance Use, and Physical Pain Experiences in Methadone-Maintained Patients

Adding Psychotherapy to Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of Depressive Disorders in Adults: A Meta-Analysis

A Model of the Economic Impact of a Bipolar Disorder Screening Program in Primary Care

Three-Year Follow-Up of Syndromal Antisocial Behavior in Adults: Results From the Wave 2 National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions

A Cross-Sectional Study of Problem and Pathological Gambling in Patients With Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder

Cutaneous Adverse Reactions to Psychotropic Drugs: Data From a Multicenter Surveillance Program

Association Between Number of Deployments to Iraq and Mental Health Screening Outcomes in US Army Soldiers

Mood Stabilization and Destabilization During Acute and Continuation Phase Treatment for Bipolar I Disorder With Lamotrigine or Placebo

Association of Adverse Childhood Environment and <i>5-HTTLPR</i> Genotype With Late-Life Depression

Focus on Women's Mental Health: Perinatal Mental Health: New Data Regarding Risk Factors and Treatment Considerations

Prepregnancy Body Mass Index, Gestational Weight Gain, and the Likelihood of Major Depressive Disorder During Pregnancy

Prenatal Care and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Among Women With Schizophrenia: A Nationwide Population-Based Study in Taiwan

Venlafaxine in Human Breast Milk and Nursing Infant Plasma: Determination of Exposure

Perspectives on Perinatal Depression Treatment: Perinatal Psychiatry: The Challenges of Making Rational Treatment Decisions at the Interface of Psychiatry and Obstetrics

Influence of the Media on Women Taking Antidepressants During Pregnancy

The Other Side of the Risk Equation: Exploring Risks of Untreated Depression and Anxiety in Pregnancy

Reflections on Perinatal Depression Treatment

Do We Scare Because We Care?

Perinatal Depression: Searching for Specific Tools for a Closer Look at This Window

Psychotherapeutic Treatment Options for Perinatal Depression: Emphasis on Maternal-Infant Dyadic Outcomes

No Decision Is Without Risk

The Cost of Restricting Knowledge

Pharmacotherapy or Untreated Antenatal Depression: A False Dichotomy