Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Issue 76(3)

Culturally Competent Approaches to Assessing ADHD in African American Adults and Overcoming Cultural Issues with Patients and Families

Identifying and Addressing Unmet Therapeutic Needs in MS

Effective Communication Strategies to Help Patients and Caregivers Cope With Moderate-to-Severe Alzheimer’s Disease

Improving Outcomes in Patients With Bipolar Depression: A Comprehensive Review

The RAISE Early Treatment Program for First-Episode Psychosis: Background, Rationale, and Study Design

Ketamine Safety and Tolerability in Clinical Trials for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Paliperidone Palmitate Once-Monthly Reduces Risk of Relapse of Psychotic, Depressive, and Manic Symptoms and Maintains Functioning in a Double-Blind, Randomized Study of Schizoaffective Disorder

Prognostic Subgroups for Remission and Response in the Coordinated Anxiety Learning and Management (CALM) Trial

Cultural Background and Barriers to Mental Health Care for African American Adults

Efficacy and Safety of Low- and High-Dose Cariprazine in Acute and Mixed Mania Associated With Bipolar I Disorder: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study

Impulsive Versus Planned Suicide Attempts: Different Phenotypes?

Prevalence and Correlates of Past 12-Month Suicide Attempt Among Adults With Past-Year Suicidal Ideation in the United States

Insight Into Mental Disorders and Suicidal Behavior: A Qualitative and Quantitative Multimodal Investigation

Low Risk of Male Suicide and Lithium in Drinking Water

A Role for Profiles of Patient-Specific Depression Characteristics and Socioeconomic Factors in the Prediction of Antidepressant Treatment Outcome

Mr Jakubovski and Dr Bloch Reply

The Numbers Needed to Treat and Harm (NNT, NNH) Statistics: What They Tell Us and What They Do Not

Time Trends in Incidence Rates of Diagnosed Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Across 16 Years in a Nationwide Danish Registry Study

Assessing Cognitive Function in Bipolar Disorder: Challenges and Recommendations for Clinical Trial Design

Mixed Features in Patients With a Major Depressive Episode: the BRIDGE-II-MIX Study

Thinking About Dying and Trying and Intending to Die: Results on Suicidal Behavior From a Large Web-Based Sample

Does Indication Drive Use, or Does Use Drive Indication?

Cariprazine in Bipolar Disorders

Suicide in Men

Naturally Occurring Low-Dose Lithium in Drinking Water

Cognitive Dysfunction in Psychiatric Illness: A Neglected Domain

Mixed Depression: A Farewell to Differential Diagnosis?

“Mixed” Depression: Drawbacks of <em>DSM-5</em> (and Other) Polythetic Diagnostic Criteria

Suicidology Meets “Big Data”

Working With Families in Medical Settings:A Multidisciplinary Guide for Psychiatrists and Other Health Professionals