Most Popular JCP Articles in the Past Week

  1. Revisiting Tardive Dyskinesia: Focusing on the Basics of Identification and Treatment

    Leslie Citrome, MD, MPH, and Stephen R. Saklad, PharmD, BCPP

  2. Role of Hopelessness in Suicidal Ideation Among Patients With Depressive Disorders

    Ilya Baryshnikov, MD, PhD; Tom Rosenström, PhD; Pekka Jylhä, MD, PhD; Maria Vuorilehto, MD, PhD; Mikael Holma, MD, PhD; Irina Holma, MD, PhD; Kirsi Riihimäki, MD, PhD; Gregory K. Brown, PhD; Maria A. Oquendo, MD, PhD; and Erkki T. Isometsä, MD, PhD

  3. The Value of Neuropsychological Assessment in the Differentiation Between Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementia and Late-Onset Psychiatric Disorders

    Jozefien M. Overbeek, MSc; Nicole Korten, MSc, PhD; Flora Gossink, MD, PhD; Jay Fieldhouse, MSc; Marleen van de Beek, MSc; Lianne Reus, MSc; Annemieke Dols, MD, PhD; Yolande Pijnenburg, MD, PhD; and Sigfried Schouws, MSc, PhD

  4. Early Recognition and Treatment of Tardive Dyskinesia in Patients With Mood Disorders and Schizophrenia

    Joseph P. McEvoy, MD, and Daniel E. Kremens, MD, JD

  5. Current and Emerging Solutions to Challenges in the Management of Alzheimer’s Disease

    Alireza Atri, MD, PhD; Danielle Goldfarb, MD; Simon Sheard, DO; and Lynn Shaughnessy, PsyD

  6. Optimizing Treatment Choices to Improve Adherence and Outcomes in Schizophrenia

    John M. Kane, MD, and Christoph U. Correll, MD

  7. Striatal Resting-State Connectivity Abnormalities Associated With Different Clinical Stages of Major Depressive Disorder

    Li Wang, PhD; Feng Li, MD; Philip B. Mitchell, PhD; Chuan-Yue Wang, PhD; and Tian-Mei Si, PhD

  8. Early Improvements of Individual Symptoms With Antipsychotics Predict Subsequent Treatment Response of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Alzheimer’s Disease: A Re-Analysis of the CATIE-AD Study

    Tomoyuki Nagata, MD, PhD; Shunichiro Shinagawa, MD, PhD; Kazunari Yoshida, MD, PhD; Yoshihiro Noda, MD, PhD, MBA; Masahiro Shigeta, MD, PhD; Masaru Mimura, MD, PhD; and Shinichiro Nakajima, MD, PhD

  9. A Comparison of Suicide Risk Scales in Predicting Repeat Suicide Attempt and Suicide: A Clinical Cohort Study

    Åsa U. Lindh, MD, PhD; Marie Dahlin, MD, PhD; Karin Beckman, MD, PhD; Lotta Strömsten, PhD; Jussi Jokinen, MD, PhD; Stefan Wiktorsson, PhD; Ellinor Salander Renberg, PhD; Margda Waern, MD, PhD; and Bo Runeson, MD, PhD

  10. Enhancing the Treatment of Patients With Schizophrenia Through Continuous Care

    John Lauriello, MD, and Diana O. Perkins, MD