Most Popular JCP Articles in the Past Week

  1. The Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview (M.I.N.I.): The Development and Validation of a Structured Diagnostic Psychiatric Interview for DSM-IV and ICD-10

    David V. Sheehan, M.D., M.B.A.; Yves Lecrubier, M.D.; K. Harnett Sheehan, Ph.D.; Patricia Amorim M.D., Ph.D.; Juris Janavs, M.D.; Emmanuelle Weiller, M.S.; Thierry Hergueta, M.S.; Roxy Baker; and Geoffrey C. Dunbar, M.D.

  2. Predictors of Post-Discharge Suicide Attempt Among Veterans Receiving Specialized Intensive Treatment for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

    Elina A. Stefanovics, PhD, and Robert A. Rosenheck, MD

  3. Activating and Sedating Properties of Medications Used for the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder and Their Effect on Patient Functioning

    Leslie L. Citrome, MD, MPH; Roger S. McIntyre, MD, FRCPC; J. Sloan Manning, MD; and Diane McIntosh, MD, FRCPC

  4. Anticholinergic Drug Exposure and the Risk of Dementia: There Is Modest Evidence for an Association but Not for Causality

    Chittaranjan Andrade, MD

  5. Enhancing the Treatment of Patients With Schizophrenia Through Continuous Care

    John Lauriello, MD, and Diana O. Perkins, MD

  6. The Economic Burden of Adults With Major Depressive Disorder in the United States (2005 and 2010)

    Paul E. Greenberg, MS, MA; Andree-Anne Fournier, MA; Tammy Sisitsky, MA; Crystal T. Pike, MBA; and Ronald C. Kessler, PhD

  7. Differential Diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder Versus Bipolar Disorder: Current Status and Best Clinical Practices

    Roger S. McIntyre, MD, FRCPC; Mark Zimmerman, MD; Joseph F. Goldberg, MD; and Michael B. First, MD

  8. High Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome Among Adolescents and Young Adults With Bipolar Disorder

    Christine Li, MD; Boris Birmaher, MD; Brian Rooks, PhD; Mary Kay Gill, MSN, JD; Heather Hower, MSW; David A. Axelson, MD; Daniel P. Dickstein, MD; Tina R. Goldstein, PhD; Fangzi Liao, MS; Shirley Yen, PhD; Jeffrey Hunt, MD; Satish Iyengar, PhD; Neal D. Ryan, MD; Michael A. Strober, PhD; Martin B. Keller, MD; and Benjamin I. Goldstein, MD, PhD

  9. Efficacy of Typical and Atypical Antipsychotics for Primary and Comorbid Anxiety Symptoms or Disorders: A Review

    Keming Gao, MD, PhD; David Muzina, MD; Prashant Gajwani, MD; and Joseph R. Calabrese, MD

  10. Relationship of Neurotransmitters to the Symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder

    David J. Nutt, MD, PhD