Reprint Processing Policy

About Reprints

All reprints of articles appearing in publications produced by Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. (i.e., The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Supplements, The Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders, etc.) must be ordered directly through Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. following the procedures detailed below:

You can also order a single article (one print copy or 24-hour electronic access).

To obtain a quote for reprints (minimum of 1,000 copies) or high-quality photocopies (orders less than 1,000), contact Permissions Editor, Maureen Bunner-Hunsucker . Please include the complete citation of the article including the year, volume number, issue/supplement, page numbers, lead author, and title. Quote will be provided within 24 hours.

Turnaround time: 15 Working days for processing; shipping time is additional. Note: Allow 2-3 days additional for shrink-wrapping. Turnaround time for large orders or supplements may vary.

“Rush” service is available with a turnaround time of 10 working days for processing; shipping time is additional. Note: Allow 2-3 days additional for shrink-wrapping. There is a 10% surcharge for “rush” service.

Additional charges to the above may also apply (i.e., set-up fees; sales taxes, if applicable; etc.).

Below you will find the price schedule for high-quality photocopies. These photocopies are printed front/back and stapled in the upper left-hand corner. The photocopies are not reprint quality. Printing time is around 7 business days with additional time for shipping. The shipping charge for domestic shipments is $35.00 US. The shipping charge for international shipments (300 photocopies or less) is $100.00 US. The shipping charge will be determined for international shipments in quantities greater than 300. Please contact Maureen Bunner-Hunsucker to order.

Schedule of Photocopy Prices

  Number of Reprints Ordered
# of Pages 100 200 300 400 500 1000
2 $176.00 $312.00 $424.00 $463.00 $504.00 $635.00
4 $227.00 $403.00 $559.00 $646.00 $756.00 $1,134.00
6 or 8 $311.00 $524.00 $740.00 $887.00 $1,058.00 $1,542.00
10 or 12 $487.00 $655.00 $983.00 $1,210.00 $1,462.00 $2,158.00
14 or 16 $692.00 $907.00 $1,225.00 $1,532.00 $1,865.00 $2,792.00
Prices for quantities in excess of 1000 will be submitted on request.

If you have any questions regarding the above policies, please contact Maureen Bunner-Hunsucker at the above listed email address.

Reprints Contact Information:

Physicians Postgraduate Press
Attn: Maureen Bunner-Hunsucker
Email: Maureen Bunner-Hunsucker
920-457-5400 - fax