VOLUME 57   1996   NUMBER 3


99 The Making of a User Friendly MAOI Diet. David M. Gardner, Kenneth I. Shulman, Scott E. Walker, and Sandra A. N. Tailor

105 A Controlled Comparison of Light Box and Head-Mounted Units in the Treatment of Seasonal Depression. Anthony J. Levitt, Virginia A. Wesson, Russell T. Joffe, Robert G. Maunder, and Eleanor F. King

111 The Use of Midazolam With Pulse Oximetry in the Drug-Assisted Interview. J. Michael Marcum

114 Response to an Open Trial of a Second SSRI in Major Depression. Russell T. Joffe, Anthony J. Levitt, Stephen T. H. Sokolov, and L. Trevor Young

116 DSM-IV Stereotypic Movement Disorder: Persistence of Stereotypies of Infancy in Intellectually Normal Adolescents and Adults. F. Xavier Castellanos, Gail F. Ritchie, Wendy L. Marsh, and Judith L. Rapoport

123 Clozapine Treatment in Polydipsia and Intermittent Hyponatremia. Nickie M. Spears, Robert A. Leadbetter, and Michael S. Shutty, Jr.

129 Causes of Haloperidol Discontinuation in Patients With Tourette's Disorder: Management and Alternatives. Raul R. Silva, Dinohra M. Munoz, Will Daniel, Julia Barickman, and Arnold J. Friedhoff


136 The Use of Risperidone in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder. Charles B. Schaffer and Linda C. Schaffer

136 Verapamil Maintenance Therapy in Bipolar Patients. A. James Giannini and Robert H. Loiselle

136 Diphenhydramine Dependence: A Need for Awareness. Alexander P. de Nesnera

137 Capgras' and Fregoli's Syndromes in One Family. E. Sherwood Brown, Rebecca Thompson, and Trisha Suppes

138 Use of ECT in Treatment of Depression in Patients With Diabetes Mellitus. Richard D. Weiner and Thomas E. Sibert

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