VOLUME 57   1996   NUMBER 6


233 Naltrexone as a Treatment for Repetitive Self-Injurious Behavior: An Open-Label Trial. Augusta S. Roth, Robert B. Ostroff, and Ralph E. Hoffman

238 The Use of Valproate in an Elderly Population With Affective Symptoms. Judith C. Kando, Mauricio Tohen, Jose Castillo, and Carlos A. Zarate, Jr.

241 Structural Brain Scanning in Psychiatric Patients: A Further Look. Leo E. Hollister and Nurun N. Shah

245 An Open-Label Trial of Nefazodone in High Comorbidity Panic Disorder. Nicholas A. DeMartinis, Edward Schweizer, and Karl Rickels

249 Risperidone in the Treatment of Mania. Mauricio Tohen, Carlos A. Zarate, Jr., Franca Centorrino, James I. Hegarty, Michael Froeschl, and Silvina B. Zarate

254 Fluoxetine Treatment of Dysthymia in the Elderly. Mitchell S. Nobler, D. P. Devanand, Min Kyung Kim, Linda M. Fitzsimons, Tara M. Singer, Nancy Turret, Harold A. Sackeim, and Steven P. Roose

257 Combination Treatment With Clomipramine and Fluvoxamine: Drug Monitoring, Safety, and Tolerability Data. Armin Szegedi, Hermann Wetzel, Marytza Leal, Sebastian Hortter, and Christoph Hiemke


265 Incentive Bias? G. Davis Gammon
Replies by Roger M. Lane, Charles B. Nemeroff, and David E. Wheadon