VOLUME 57   1996   NUMBER 7


275 Panic Disorder in Completed Suicide. Markus M. Henriksson, Erkki T. Isomets„, Kimmo I. Kuoppasalmi, Martti E. Heikkinen, Mauri J. Marttunen, and Jouko K. L"nnqvist

282 Memory Functioning in Lyme Borreliosis. Lisa D. Ravdin, Eileen Hilton, Margaret Primeau, Caroline Clements, and William B. Barr

287 Efficacy of Buspirone in Generalized Anxiety Disorder With Coexisting Mild Depressive Symptoms. John J. Sramek, Mara Tansman, Aswinder Suri, M,dy Hornig-Rohan, Jay D. Amsterdam, Stephen M. Stahl, Richard H. Weisler, and Neal R. Cutler

292 Factors Associated With Pharmacologic Noncompliance in Patients With Mania. Paul E. Keck, Jr., Susan L. McElroy, Stephen M. Strakowski, Sean P. Stanton, Danielle L. Kizer, Tony M. Balistreri, Jerry A. Bennett, Karen C. Tugrul, and Scott A. West

298 A Practical Loading Dose Method for Converting Schizophrenic Patients From Oral to Depot Haloperidol Therapy. Fu-Chuan Wei, Michael W. Jann, Hsin-Nan Lin, Ching Piao-Chien, and Wen-Ho Chang

303 Risperidone Augmentation of SRI Treatment for Refractory Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Sanjaya Saxena, Dora Wang, Alexander Bystritsky, and Lewis R. Baxter, Jr.


307 Nefazodone Relief of Alprazolam Interdose Dysphoria: A Potential Therapeutic Benefit of 3A3/4 Inhibition. Terence A. Ketter, Ann M. Callahan, and Robert M. Post

307 Medication Optimization During Clozapine Treatment. Trisha Suppes and A. John Rush

308 Treatment of a 4-Year-Old Boy With ADHD With the Dopamine Releaser Phentermine. Richard B. Rothman

309 TClozapine in Elderly Psychotic Patients. Carl Salzman

Reply by Jacobo E. Mintzer and Janet K. Pitner

310 SSRI Withdrawal. Thomas R. Mareth and Thomas M. Brown

Reply by James M. Ellison

310 Spectrum Models. Mary N. Smith

Reply by Katharine A. Phillips

311 MAOI-Carbamazepine Combination and Statistical Power. Carmen Blanco-Jerez, Diana E. Robles, Inmaculada Gilaberte-Asin, and Carlos Blanco
Reply by Terence A. Ketter, Robert M. Post, Priti I. Parekh, and Kathy Worthington


315 Advancements in CNS Drugs