VOLUME 57   1996   NUMBER 8


329 Impact of a Smoking Ban on a Locked Psychiatric Unit. Ellen Haller, Dale E. McNiel, and Renee L. Binder

333 Sertraline Response in Adults With Mental Retardation and Autistic Disorder. Jessica A. Hellings, Lee Ann Kelley, William F. Gabrielli, Earl Kilgore, and Priti Shah

337 A Pharmacoeconomic Model of Outpatient Antipsychotic Therapy in "Revolving Door" Schizophrenic Patients. William M. Glazer and Larry Ereshefsky

346 Effect of Fluvoxamine on Total Serum Cholesterol Levels During Weight Reduction. Martina de Zwaan, and Detlev O. Nutzinger

349 Diazepam Versus Alprazolam for the Treatment of Panic Disorder. Russell Noyes, Jr., Graham D. Burrows, James H. Reich, Fiona K. Judd, Michael J. Garvey, Trevor R. Norman, Brian L. Cook, and Peter Marriott

356 Lithium-Associated Cognitive and Functional Deficits Reduced by a Switch to Divalproex Sodium: A Case Series. Andrew L. Stoll, Carol A. Locke, Alexander Vuckovic, and Pierre V. Mayer

360 Pathological Gambling in Hospitalized Substance Abusing Veterans. Amin N. Daghestani, Eileen Elenz, and John W. Crayton

364 Structured Psychiatric Interview and Ambulatory Sleep Monitoring in Young Psychophysiological Insomniacs. Marco Zucconi, Luigi Ferini-Strambi, Orsola Gambini, Cinzia Castronovo, Laura Galli, Arturo Campana, Silvio Scarone, and Salvatore Smirne


371 The Suppression of Nightmares With Guanfacine. Joseph P. Horrigan and L. Jarrett Barnhill

371 Near Syncope Associated With Concomitant Clozapine and Cocaine Use. Faiq A. Hameedi, Michael J. Sernyak, Syed A. Naqvi, and Thomas R. Kosten

372 Zolpidem for the Treatment of Agitation in Elderly Demented Patients. Cherry W. Jackson, Janet K. Pitner, and Jacobo E. Mintzer

373 Critique of Fluoxetine Study in PTSD. Hillel Glover

374 Breakthrough Panic After Amantadine Treatment in a Parkinson's Disease Patient. F. Gregory Noveske

374 Correction. Antidpressants and cognitive impairment in the elderly. (1996;57[suppl 5]:38-44) Oxman TE


377 New Perspectives in the Management of Depression


315 Advancements in CNS Drugs