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VOLUME 60   1999   NUMBER 11


730 Millennial Musings. Alan J. Gelenberg


731 Molecular Neurobiology for Practicing Psychiatrists, Part 3: How Second Messengers "Turn On" Genes by Activating Protein Kinases and Transcription Factors. Stephen M. Stahl

Original Articles

733 A History of Substance Abuse Complicates Remission From Acute Mania in Bipolar Disorder. Joseph F. Goldberg, Jessica L. Garno, Andrew C. Leon, James H. Kocsis, and Laura Portera

741 Antidepressant Treatment of Depression in HIVSeropositive Women. Stephen J. Ferrando, Judith G. Rabkin, Gregory M. de Moore, and Richard Rabkin

747 Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms in Patients With Schizophrenia and Schizophreniform Disorder. Robin A. Emsley, Piet P. Oosthuizen, Andrè F. Joubert, Mimi C. Roberts, and Dan J. Stein

752 Relationship Between Borderline Personality Disorder and Axis I Diagnosis in Severity of Depression and Anxiety. Katherine Anne Comtois, Deborah S. Cowley, David L. Dunner, and Peter P. Roy-Byrne

759 Tiagabine Appears Not to Be Efficacious in the Treatment of Acute Mania. Heinz Grunze, Andreas Erfurth, Alain Marcuse, Benedikt Amann, Claus Normann, and Jörg Walden

763 A Follow-Up Study of Premenstrual Syndrome. Catherine A. Roca, Peter J. Schmidt, and David R. Rubinow

767 Olanzapine Increases Weight and Serum Triglyceride Levels. David N. Osser, Dean M. Najarian, and Robert L. Dufresne

771 A Dose-Outcome Analysis of Risperidone. Raymond C. Love, Robert R. Conley, Deanna L. Kelly, and John J. Bartko

776 Metrifonate: Update on a New Antidementia Agent. John M. Ringman and Jeffrey L. Cummings

783 Different Influences of Classical Antipsychotics and Clozapine on Glucose-Insulin Homeostasis in Patients With Schizophrenia or Related Psychoses. Kristina I. Melkersson, Anna-Lena Hulting, and Kerstin E. Brismar

CME Activity 798

799 Bright Light Therapy: Side Effects and Benefits Across the Symptom Spectrum. Michael Terman and Jiuan Su Terman

Letters to the Editor

792 Safety of Sildenafil for Antidepressant-Related Sexual Dysfunction. Ronald Pies

Reply by H. George Nurnberg, Paula L. Hensley, John Lauriello, Samuel J. Keith, and Lynda M. Parker

793 Treatment of Kleptomania With Paroxetine. John E. Kraus

793 Self-Amputation of Left Hand: A Case Report. Rok Tavcar, Mojca Z. Dernovsek, and Vukosav Zvan

794 Recommended Haloperidol and Risperidone Doses in First-Episode Psychosis. Patrick D. McGorry

Reply by John R. DeQuardo

795 Paroxetine for Primary Insomnia: Possible Placebo Effect? Mahmoud N. Musa

795 Once-Daily Venlafaxine XR Compared With Fluoxetine in Outpatients With Depression and Anxiety. Rajinder Judge and Brian E. Wagner

Reply by Peter H. Silverstone and Arun Ravindran

Book Review 797

Information for Authors

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