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3 Introduction. Weight Gain: A Growing Problem in Schizophrenia Management. Herbert Y. Meltzer and W. Wolfgang Fleischhacker

4 The Pharmacology of Weight Gain With Antipsychotics. Daniel E. Casey and Stevin H. Zorn
[Abstract] [PDF]

11 Antipsychotic-Associated Weight Gain and Clinical Outcome Parameters. Olivier Blin and JoŽlle Micallef
[Abstract] [PDF]

22 Antipsychotic-Induced Weight Gain: A Review of the Literature. David B. Allison and Daniel E. Casey
[Abstract] [PDF]

32 The Clinical Implications of Weight Gain in Schizophrenia. Ilsemarie Kurzthaler and W. Wolfgang Fleischhacker
[Abstract] [PDF]