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VOLUME 62   2001   SUPPLEMENT 10


3 Introduction: New Developments for Treating Sleep Disorders. Thomas Roth

5 Neurotransmitters and Sleep. Wallace B. Mendelson
[Abstract] [PDF]

9 Sleep Architecture and Its Relationship to Insomnia. Milton K. Erman
[Abstract] [PDF]

18 Detection of Insomnia in Primary Care. Paul P. Doghramji
[Abstract] [PDF]

27 A Psychiatric Perspective on Insomnia. W. Vaughn McCall
[Abstract] [PDF]

33 Consequences of Insomnia and Its Therapies. Ruth M. Benca
[Abstract] [PDF]

39 Future Directions in the Management of Insomnia. Gary S. Richardson and Thomas Roth
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CME Section

46 Instructions and Posttest.

48 Registration Form and Evaluation.

Editor’s Choice

In our continuing role as a conduit for the latest information on neuropsychiatric problems presenting to primary care, The Primary Care Companion to The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry offers supplemental reading on "New Developments for Treating Sleep Disorders." Additionally, Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. is pleased to offer continuing medical education credit for interested readers.

Dr. Thomas Roth of the Sleep Disorders and Research Center, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, edits this excellent treatise on a common clinical problem set. He is joined by Detroit colleague Dr. Gary S. Richardson, Dr. Wallace B. Mendelson of the University of Chicago, Dr. Milton K. Erman of the University of California San Diego, Dr. Paul P. Doghramji, a family physician from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Dr. W. Vaughn McCall of Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and by Dr. Ruth M. Benca of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

While the material nicely covers neurotransmitter function related to sleep, detection and treatment issues, consequences of illness and treatment, and future research topics, I found the review of sleep architecture by Dr. Erman to be especially interesting and helpful. Dr. Erman reviews the history of sleep definition, measurement, and age-related sleep changes, with a preview of future advances using computer-assisted analysis of sleep physiology.

I am certain that our readers will benefit from the information in this CME supplement. We welcome feedback. Please contact us on the Web at www.primarycarecompanion.com.

J. Sloan Manning, M.D.

Editor in Chief

The Primary Care Companion to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry