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The Art and Science of Switching Antipsychotic Medications

CME Background Information


4 Introduction: The Art and Science of Switching Antipsychotic Medications. Peter F. Buckley

5 Receptor-Binding Profiles of Antipsychotics: Clinical Strategies When Switching Between Agents. Peter F. Buckley
[PDF] [Abstract]

10 Switching Antipsychotic Therapy: What to Expect and Clinical Strategies for Improving Therapeutic Outcomes. Tim J. Lambert
[PDF] [Abstract]

14 Reducing the Burden of Side Effects During Long-Term Antipsychotic Therapy: The Role of "Switching" Medications. Peter J. Weiden and Peter F. Buckley
[PDF] [Abstract]

24 Treatment of Bipolar Disorder With Antipsychotic Medication: Issues Shared With Schizophrenia. Allan H. Young
[PDF] [Abstract]

CME Section

26 Instructions and Posttest.

28 Registration Form and Evaluation.