Academic Highlights

Teaching Family Physicians About Mood Disorders: A Procedure Suite for Behavioral Medicine

Using Atypical Antipsychotics in Primary Care. [CME]

Academic Highlights: Recognizing and Treating the Physical Symptoms of Depression in Primary Care

Sleepiness Versus Sleeplessness: Shift Work and Sleep Disorders in the Primary Care Setting

Academic Highlights: Enhancement of Treatment Response in Depression in the Primary Care Setting

Academic Highlights: Benzodiazepines: Revisiting Clinical Issues in Treating Anxiety Disorders

Academic Highlights: Identifying and Managing Depression in the Medical Patient

Academic Highlights: New Developments in the Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Primary Care. [CME]

Translating Evidence on Depression and Physical Symptoms Into Effective Clinical Practice

Managing Bipolar Disorder From Urgent Situations to Maintenance Therapy

A Roadmap to Key Pharmacologic Principles in Using Antipsychotics.[CME]

Academic Highlights: Understanding Fibromyalgia and Its Related Disorders [CME]

Academic Highlights: Treating Depression and Anxiety in Primary Care.[CME]

Academic Highlights: Easing the Burden of Bipolar Disorder: From Urgent Situations to Remission. [CME]

Adult ADHD Pharmacotherapy. [CME]

Academic Highlights Update: Assessing Adults With ADHD and Comorbidities [CME]

Tackling Partial Response to Depression Treatment [CME]