Most Popular PCC Articles in the Past Week

  1. A Single Integrated Behavioral Health Appointment Improves Patients’ Perceptions of Behavioral Health Treatment

    Jennifer M. Wray, PhD; Sandra Coulon, PhD; Nina Wong, PhD; Derek Szafranski, PhD; and Daniel F. Gros, PhD

  2. A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Randomized Trial of Vilazodone in the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Comorbid Depression

    Sriram Ramaswamy, MD; David Driscoll, PhD; Christopher Reist, MD; Lynette M. Smith, PhD; Lawrence J. Albers, MD; Jodette Rose, MSW; Linda Nguyen, MPH; Varun Monga, MD; Ryan Doria, BA; and Michael Hollifield, MD

  3. A Cross-Sectional Study of Serum Folate and Vitamin B12 Levels in Psychiatric Inpatients

    Rashmi Sagar, MD; Nitin Aggarwal, MD; and Nimmi Jose, MD

  4. Bridging Community Mental Health and Primary Care to Improve Medication Monitoring and Outcomes for Patients With Mental Illness Taking Second-Generation Antipsychotics—HDC/DFMC Bridge Project, Phase 1: Group Concept Mapping

    Keri Hager, PharmD, BCACP; Margarette Kading, PharmD, PhD; Carolyn O’Donnell; Ann Yapel, PharmD, BCACP; Danielle MacDonald, PharmD, BCACP; Jennifer Nelson Albee, MSW, LICSW; Cynthia Nash, RN, BSN; Colleen Renier, BS; Katherine Dean, MBA; and Mark Schneiderhan, PharmD, BCPP

  5. Attitudes Toward Individuals With Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders Among Resident Physicians

    Jonathan D. Avery, MD; Katherine E. Taylor, MD; Kristopher A. Kast, MD; Jessica Kattan, MD, MPH; Janna Gordon-Elliot, MD; Elizabeth Mauer, MS; Joseph J. Avery, JD; and Julie B. Penzner, MD

  6. Lithium Neurotoxicity Due to Second-Generation Antipsychotics Combined With Lithium: A Systematic Review

    Ivan Netto, MBBS, MD; Vivek H. Phutane, MBBS, MD, FRANZCP; and Bipin Ravindran, MBBS, MD, FRANZCP

  7. Dangers of Rapid Dosing: A Case of Dose-Dependent Drug-Induced Liver Injury From Duloxetine

    Areef S. Kassam, MD, MPA; E. Ann Cunningham, DO; and Shaina E. Musco, PharmD

  8. Clinical Lycanthropy (lycomania) in Neuropsychiatric Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea

    João Gama Marques, MD

  9. Using Dialectical Behavior Therapy to Treat Misophonia in Adolescence

    Rebecca C. Kamody, MS, and Garry S. Del Conte, PsyD

  10. Twelve-Month Prospective Randomized Study of Pharmacists Utilizing Point-Of-Care Testing for Metabolic Syndrome and Related Conditions in Subjects Prescribed Antipsychotics

    Mark E. Schneiderhan, PharmD; Sara M. Shuster, PharmD; and Cynthia S. Davey, MS