Volume 3  2001  Number 5

Original Articles

190 A Descriptive Study of Psychiatric Consultations in a Community Primary Care Center William F. Pirl, B. J. Beck, Steven A. Safren, and Helen Kim
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195 A Perspective on the Primary Care of Patients With Behavior, Mood, and Thought Disturbances: Clinical Applications of Olanzapine Donald P. Hay, Daniel J. Hurley, Hillary C. McGuire, and Linda K. Hay
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206 Mental Health Screening in Primary Care: A Comparison of 3 Brief Measures of Psychological Distress Annmarie Cano, Ph.D.; Robert P. Sprafkin, Ph.D.; Douglas J. Scaturo, Larry J. Lantinga, ; Barbara H. Fiese, ; and Frank Brand
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211 Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Primary Care Patients Steven E. Bruce, Risa B. Weisberg, Regina T. Dolan, Jason T. Machan, M.S.; Ronald C. Kessler, Gertrude Manchester, Larry Culpepper, and Martin B. Keller
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Diary From the Front Lines

220 "Is the Only Way to Heal With Cold Blue Steel?" Christian G. Wolff

Psychotherapy Casebook

222 Teaching the Tools: Prolonging the Benefit of Psychotherapy Lisa Sebotnick McLean, and Dean Schuyler

Letter to the Editor [PDF]

224 Dosing of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors Henry Chung, and Patricia A. Marken, Pharm.D.

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Psychiatric Briefs 227 [PDF]