Volume  5  2003  Number 1

Original Articles

6 Metabolic Issues With Atypical Antipsychotics in Primary Care: Dispelling the Myths. Gary S. Kabinoff, Patrick A. Toalson, Kristine Masur Healey, Hillary C. McGuire, and Donald P. Hay
[Abstract] [PDF]

15 Patient-Physician Relationship and Service Utilization: Preliminary Findings. Rollin W. Nagel, Angele McGrady, Denis J. Lynch, and Elmer F. Wahl
[Abstract] [PDF]

19 Duloxetine: A New Treatment for the Emotional and Physical Symptoms of Depression. Craig H. Mallinckrodt, David J. Goldstein, Michael J. Detke, Yili Lu, John G. Watkin, and Pierre V. Tran
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CME Article

30 Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: Recognition and Treatment. [CME] Ellen W. Freeman and Steven J. Sondheimer

Rounds in the General Hospital

41 Disulfiram Use in an Elderly Man With Alcoholism and Heart Disease: A Discussion. Jeff C. Huffman and Theodore A. Stern

Diary From the Front Lines

47 "What's That Smell?" Christian G. Wolff

Psychotherapy Casebook

45 Binge Eating, Depression, and Cognitive Therapy. Samantha C. Symons

Letter to the Editor [PDF]

49 Tiagabine in the Treatment of Nervios. Timothy R. Berigan

The Association of Medicine and Psychiatry [PDF]

56 Abstracts From the 2002 Annual Meeting of the Association.

Book Review 50 [PDF]

Psychiatric Briefs 51 [PDF]

Information for Authors Form 58 [PDF]