Volume 5  2003  Number 3

Original Articles

104 Identifying Depressed Patients With a High Risk of Comorbid Anxiety in Primary Care. Bradford L. Felker, Susan C. Hedrick, Edmund F. Chaney, Chuan-Fen Liu, Patrick Heagerty, Heather Caples, Patricia Lin, and Wayne Katon
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111 Family Support, Self-Rated Health, and Psychological Distress. Annmarie Cano, Douglas J. Scaturo, Robert P. Sprafkin, Larry J. Lantinga, Barbara H. Fiese, and Frank Brand
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118 Antidepressant Use in Chronic Pain Management: Is There Evidence of a Role for Duloxetine? Raphael J. Leo and Robert L. Barkin
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CME Article

124 Use of an Electronic Medical Record to Facilitate Screening for Depression in Primary Care. James M. Gill and Bonnie S. Dansky
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Rounds in the General Hospital

131 Compassionate Care of the Terminally Ill. Jeff C. Huffman and Theodore A. Stern

Psychotherapy Casebook

137 Conquering an Unmasked Social Phobia. Kevin M. Gray and Dean Schuyler

Diary From the Front Lines

139 Sexual Dysfunction to the Rescue. Christian G. Wolff

Letter to the Editor [PDF]

141 Potential Association Between Risperidone and Cerebrovascular Events. William V. Bobo and Kenneth F. More

Book Review 142 [PDF]

Psychiatric Briefs 143 [PDF]

Information for Authors Form 148 [PDF]