Volume 8  2006  Number 6

Original Articles

324 Depression Screening Interfaced With an Electronic Health Record: A Feasibility Study in a Primary Care Clinic Using Optical Mark Reader Technology. Elizabeth W. Klein, Jacquelyn S. Hunt, and Benjamin H. LeBlanc
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329 Change in Framingham Risk Score in Patients With Schizophrenia: A Post Hoc Analysis of a Randomized, Double-Blind, 6-Week Trial of Ziprasidone and Olanzapine. Megan C. del Valle, Antony D. Loebel, Stephen Murray, Ruoyong Yang, David J. Harrison, and Brian J. Cuffel
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340 Recognition and Treatment Recommendations for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Episode: A Cross-Sectional Study Among General Practitioners in Norway. Ingrid Olssøn, Arnstein Mykletun, and Alv A. Dahl
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348 Bipolar Disorder Screening Among Adult Patients in an Urban Emergency Department Setting. Edwin D. Boudreaux, Consuelo Cagande, J. Hope Kilgannon, Sunday Clark, and Carlos A. Camargo, Jr.
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352 Efficacy and Safety of Modafinil Film-Coated Tablets in Children and Adolescents With or Without Prior Stimulant Treatment for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Pooled Analysis of 3 Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Studies. Sharon B. Wigal, Joseph Biederman, James M. Swanson, Ronghua Yang, and Laurence L. Greenhill
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CME Article

334 Pathological Gambling: A Review of Phenomenological Models and Treatment Modalities for an Underrecognized Psychiatric Disorder. Pinhas N. Dannon, Katherine Lowengrub, Yehudit Gonopolski, Ernest Musin, and Moshe Kotler

Brief Report

361 Hepatitis C Treatment of Patients With Bipolar Disorder: A Case Series. Muhamad Aly Rifai

Rounds in the General Hospital

367 Clinical Challenges to the Delivery of End-of-Life Care. Jennifer A. Woo, Guy Maytal, and Theodore A. Stern

Psychotherapy Casebook

373 Midlife Crisis. Dean Schuyler

Diary From the Front Lines

375 "There's No Crying in Football!" Christian G. Wolff

Letters to the Editor [PDF]

377 Lithium-Induced Rash. Ashish Sharma and Prasad R. Padala

377 Effectiveness of Olanzapine for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus-Related Psychosis. Joel P. Pinto, Silvio Luiz Morais, Jaime E. C. Hallak, and Serdar M. Dursun

378 Aripiprazole-Induced Tardive Dystonia. Elsie Oommen, Prabhat K. Chand, and P.S.V.N. Sharma

379 Methylphenidate-Induced Akathisia in a Patient With Multiple Sclerosis. Maria S. Almeida, Prasad R. Padala, and Subhash Bhatia

380 Aripiprazole Worsens Psychosis: A Case Report. Sandeep Grover, Pratap Sharan, and Nitin Gupta

Book Review 382 [PDF]

The Association of Medicine and Psychiatry 383 [PDF]

Psychiatric Briefs 384 [PDF]

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