Volume 9  2007  Number 2


89 All That Wheezes Is Not Asthma: Bipolar Disorder in Primary Care 1997-2007. J. Sloan Manning

Original Articles

91 A Cohort Study of Adherence to Antidepressants in Primary Care: The Influence of Antidepressant Concerns and Treatment Preferences. Vivien M. Hunot, Rob Horne, Morven N. Leese, and Rachel C. Churchill
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100 Efficacy of Duloxetine for the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Implications for Primary Care Physicians. Hannu Koponen, Christer Allgulander, Janelle Erickson, Eduardo Dunayevich, Yili Pritchett, Michael J. Detke, Susan G. Ball, and James M. Russell
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108 Safety and Efficacy of Bupropion Extended Release in Treating a Community Sample of Hispanic and African American Adults With Major Depressive Disorder: An Open-Label Study. Paul K. Gross, Rosemary Nourse, Thomas E. Wasser, and Deo Bukenya
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113 Treatment Guidelines for Alzheimer's Disease: Redefining Perceptions in Primary Care. David S. Geldmacher
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122 The 3-Year Clinical and Functional Course of Schizophrenia Among Individuals With and Without Diabetes at Study Entry. Haya Ascher-Svanum, Baojin Zhu, Frank R. Ernst, Douglas E. Faries, Jennie G. Jacobson, and Caroline C. Doebbeling
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CME Article

129 Academic Highlights: Managing ADHD in Children, Adolescents, and Adults With Comorbid Anxiety in Primary Care.

Rounds in the General Hospital

139 Demoralization in Medical Practice. Juliet C. Jacobsen, Guy Maytal, and Theodore A. Stern

Psychotherapy Casebook

144 Taking Care of the Caretakers. Dean Schuyler

Diary From the Front Lines

146 "I'm Not a Psychiatrist, Nor Do I Play One on TV." Christian G. Wolff

Letters to the Editor [PDF]

148 A Case Report of Double Incontinence Associated With Clozapine. Mohamad Mehtar and Alp Ucok

148 Aripiprazole as the Causative Agent of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome: A Case Report. Daniel Molina, Leslie E. Tingle, and Xiaohui Lu

150 Psychotic Symptoms 10 Years After a Single Episode of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Geon Ho Bahn and Seokyung Lee

151 A Protracted Case of Psychosis, Motor Abnormalities, and Agitation. Ashish Sharma, James H. Sorrell, and Nicholle R. Peralta

152 "Bipolar Family": Useful Mnemonic to Differentiate Bipolar From Unipolar Depression. Babatunde Adetunji, Maju Mathews, Biju Basil, and Adegboyega Oyemade

153 A Case Report of Photosensitivity to Amisulpride. Laurence Borras and Philippe Huguelet

154 Possible New Causes for False-Positive Diagnosis of Pheochromocytoma: Lamotrigine, Aripiprazole, or the Combination. Vijay Shivaswamy, Whitney S. Goldner, and Joseph Erwin

154 Association of Psychosis and Hyperthyroid Goiter: A Case Report. Jaspreet Singh and Nitin Gupta

Book Review 156 [PDF]

Psychiatric Briefs 157 [PDF]