Volume 9  2007  Number 5

Original Articles

331 Translating Science Into Service: Lessons Learned From the Sequenced Treatment Alternatives to Relieve Depression (STAR*D) Study. Norman Sussman
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338 Morbidity Associated With Sleep Disorders in Primary Care: A Longitudinal Cohort Study. Mari-Ann Wallander, Saga Johansson, Ana Ruigómez, Luis A. García Rodríguez, and Roger Jones
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346 Development and Process Evaluation of a Primary Care Internet-Based Intervention to Prevent Depression in Emerging Adults. Benjamin W. Van Voorhees, Justin M. Ellis, Jackie K. Gollan, Carl C. Bell, Scott S. Stuart, Joshua Fogel, Patrick W. Corrigan, and Daniel E. Ford
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356 Psychotropic Drug Use in Israel: Results From the National Health Survey. Alexander Grinshpoon, Eli Marom, Abraham Weizman, and Alexander M. Ponizovsky
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364 Initial Rate of Improvement in Relation to Remission of Major Depressive Disorder in Primary Care. Anton C. Vergouwen, Huibert Burger, Frank Koerselman, and Theo J. Verheij
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CME Article

367 Academic Highlights: Managing Bipolar Disorder From Urgent Situations to Maintenance Therapy.

Rounds in the General Hospital

382 Is Depression an Appropriate Response to Having Cancer? A Discussion of Diagnostic Criteria and Treatment Decisions. Anne F. Gross, Felicia A. Smith, and Theodore A. Stern

Psychotherapy Casebook

388 The Second Time Around: When Having a Therapist May Come in Handy. Dean Schuyler

Diary From the Front Lines

390 Long Distance Information, Give Me Memphis, Tennessee. Christian G. Wolff

Letters to the Editor [PDF]

392 Mood-Stabilizing Effect of Twice-Weekly Administration of Fluoxetine in a Bipolar II Disorder Patient. Amir Shabani

393 Cryptococcal Meningitis With Acute Psychotic Confusion in a Sarcoid Patient. Jean-Louis Goeb, Virginie Leon, and Géraldine Kechid

394 Transcultural Issues in Asperger's Disorder: A Comparison of 2 Cases. Sudad Jawad and Isaac O'Homba

396 Remission of Panic Disorder With Mirtazapine Augmentation of Paroxetine: A Case Report. Zoran Milan Pavlovic

396 A Case of Genital Self-Mutilation in an Elderly Man. Hema Tharoor

397 Onset of Paranoid Delusions After Addition of Topiramate for Seizure Disorder Treatment: A Case Report. Ahsan Mahmood

398 Effective Treatment of Fibromyalgia Comorbid With Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder With a Low Dose of Venlafaxine. Mei-Chun Hsiao

Book Review 399 [PDF]

Psychiatric Briefs 400 [PDF]

The Association of Medicine and Psychiatry 381 [PDF]