Volume 10  2008  Number 2

Original Articles

91 What Are the Implications of the STAR*D Trial for Primary Care? A Review and Synthesis. Nhu N. Huynh and Roger S. McIntyre
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97 Documentation of Antipsychotic Use and Indications for Newly Diagnosed, Nonaggressive Dementia Patients. Nikhil Dhawan, Avila B. Steele, Robert O. Morgan, A. Lynn Snow, Jessica A. Davila, and Mark E. Kunik
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103 Clinical Correlates of Tourette's Disorder Across Cultures: A Comparative Study Between the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. Valsamma Eapen and Mary M. Robertson
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108 Level of Agitation of Psychiatric Patients Presenting to an Emergency Department. Leslie S. Zun and La Vonne A. Downey
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114 Predictive Factors for Time to Remission and Recurrence in Patients Treated for Acute Mania: Health Outcomes of Manic Episodes (HOME) Study. Kaan Kora, Mete Saylan, Cengiz Akkaya, Nesrin Karamustafalioglu, Nesrin Tomruk, Aziz Yasan, and Timucin Oral
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120 A Systematic Review of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Don't Assume It's Depression. James P. Griffith and Fahd A. Zarrouf
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Brief Report

129 Prediction of Response Within the First 3 Days to Treatment With Paroxetine for Depression. Takuji Inagaki, Motohide Furuya, Tetsuya Kawamukai, Shihoh Okazaki, Hideaki Yasuda, Maiko Hayashida, Tsuyoshi Miyaoka, Akira Nishida, and Jun Horiguchi
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CME Article

133 Understanding Fibromyalgia and Its Related Disorders. [CME]

145 Treating Depression and Anxiety in Primary Care. [CME]

Rounds in the General Hospital

153 Dread Complications of Catatonia: A Case Discussion and Review of the Literature. Anne F. Gross, Felicia A. Smith, and Theodore A. Stern

Psychotherapy Casebook

156 Alone and Away From Home. Dean Schuyler

Diary From the Front Lines

158 Oxygen Bars in the Lobby: The Next Income Supplement. Christian G. Wolff

Letters to the Editor [PDF]

160 Factors Influencing Adherence in Children and Adolescents Treated With Antipsychotics or Antidepressants. Kurosch Yazdi, Gabriele Unterlass, Georg Kemmler, Karl Kralovec, and Wolfgang Aichhorn

161 Risperidone-Induced Tardive Pharyngeal Dystonia Presenting With Persistent Dysphagia: A Case Report. Harpreet S. Duggal and Dattatreya N. Mendhekar

162 Aripiprazole in Prodromal Psychosis: A Case Report. Balaji Bharadwaj, R. P. Bhargavaraman, P. R. Ravi, and Suresh Bada Math

163 Valproate for Treatment of Agitation in Neurosyphilis: A Case Report. Prashant Tibrewal, Indu Kumar, Amit Zutshi, and Suresh Bada Math

163 Improvement of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Multiple Sclerosis Subsequent to High-Dose Corticosteroid Treatment. Jan Thöne and Elke Kessler

164 Exacerbation of Obsessions With Modafinil in 2 Patients With Medication-Responsive Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Oguz Tan, Adnan Coban, Nevzat Tarhan, Semra Baripoglu, Funda Guducu, Hasan Basri Izgi, Gokben Hizli, Oznur Ates, and Huseyin Bulu

165 Serotonin Syndrome With Paroxetine Overdose: A Case Report. Fatih Canan, Ugur Korkmaz, Emel Kocer, Elif Onder, Salih Yildirim, and Ahmet Ataoglu

167 Alcohol and Drug Problems and Their Relationship to Sexual Impulsivity Among Female Internal Medicine Outpatients. Randy A. Sansone, Michael W. Wiederman, Elizabeth Muennich, and Jacqueline Barnes

Book Reviews 169 [PDF]

Psychiatric Briefs 171 [PDF]