Volume 11  2009  Number 4

Publisher Note

139 The New, Improved, Online-Only Primary Care Companion.

Original Articles

140 A Computerized Decision Support System for Depression in Primary Care.
Benji T. Kurian, Madhukar H. Trivedi, Bruce D. Grannemann, Cynthia A. Claassen, Ella J. Daly, and Prabha Sunderajan
[Abstract] [PDF]

147 Partial Adherence to Antipsychotic Medication Impacts the Course of Illness in Patients With Schizophrenia: A Review.
Prakash S. Masand, Miquel Roca, Martin S. Turner, and John M. Kane
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Academic Highlights

155 Tackling Partial Response to Depression Treatment. [CME]

Rounds in the General Hospital

163 Lies in the Doctor-Patient Relationship.
John J. Palmieri and Theodore A. Stern

Psychotherapy Casebook

169 MD Psychotherapist.
Dean Schuyler

Diary From the Front Lines

171 What Time Is It?
Christian G. Wolff

Letters to the Editor [PDF]

172 Systematic Review of Lithium Augmentation in Depression Resistant to at Least 2 Antidepressants.
Anand Jayaraman and Harpal Nandhra

172 Quetiapine-Induced Bradycardia Without QT Interval Prolongation in an Elderly Woman.
André Janse and Radboud M. Marijnissen

173 Oxcarbazepine-Induced Reversible Anorgasmia and Ejaculatory Failure: A Case Report.
Kamaljeet Boora, Kimberley Chiappone, and Steven L. Dubovsky

174 Risperidone-Induced Priapism: A Case Report.
Ashish Sharma and Mark H. Fleisher

Book Reviews 176 [PDF]

Psychiatric Briefs 177 [PDF]

The Association of Medicine and Psychiatry 138 [PDF]