Articles About Cancer

Psychotherapy Casebook: Psychotherapy of a Patient With Terminal Cancer.


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Cancer Caring

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The P4 Screener: Evaluation of a Brief Measure for Assessing Potential Suicide Risk in 2 Randomized Effectiveness Trials of Primary Care and Oncology Patients

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Venlafaxine for the Treatment of Hormonal Therapy–Induced Hot Flashes in a Male Patient

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Relapse After Switching Antidepressants Because of Tamoxifen Use: A Report of 2 Cases


Pancytopenia Secondary to Cyclophosphamide in a Case of Factitious Breast Cancer

Treatment-Resistant Depression Requiring Electroconvulsive Therapy Following Stem Cell Transplantation

A Case of Glioblastoma Masquerading as an Affective Disorder

Two For the Road

Psychiatric Disease Preceding Intracranial Tumor Diagnosis: Investigating the Association

Tardive Dyskinesia: Is Vitamin E Singing the Prostate Blues?