Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Issue 63(7)

Brainstorms--5 Years and Counting

Psychopharmacology of Wakefulness: Pathways and Neurotransmitters

Aromatherapy as a Safe and Effective Treatment for the Management of Agitation in Severe Dementia: The Results of a Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial With Melissa

Lithium and Valproate Treatment of Pathological Gambling: A Randomized Single-Blind Study

Prazosin Reduces Nightmares in Combat Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Switching to Olanzapine From Previous Antipsychotics: A Regional Collaborative Multicenter Trial Assessing 2 Switching Techniques in Asia Pacific

Efficacy and Tolerability of Controlled-Release and Immediate-Release Paroxetine in the Treatment of Depression

A Naturalistic Study of Risperidone Treatment Outcome Using Prognosis-Adjusted Discharge Rates in New York State Inpatients

Association of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury With Bipolar Disorder

Smoking Cessation and Panic Attacks: A Report of 2 Cases

Olanzapine for Cocaine Craving and Relapse Prevention in 2 Patients

Sleep-Related Eating Disorder Induced by Olanzapine

The Frontal Lobes and Neuropsychiatric Illness

Introduction: Women and Depression

Chronic Depression in Women.[CME]

The Pharmacologic Treatment of Depression: Is Gender a Critical Factor?[CME]

Sex Differences in Depressed Substance Abusers.[CME]

Alternative Treatments for Depression: Empirical Support and Relevance to Women.[CME]

What Research Suggests for Depressed Women With Children.[CME]