Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Issue 66(

Treatment Options for Bipolar Depression

Introduction: The Role of Atypical Antipsychotics in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder

Neurobiology and Etiology of Panic Disorder

Introduction: The Burden of Bipolar Depression

An Overview of Common Medical Comorbidities in Patients With Schizophrenia

Introduction. Developmental Neurobiology and Psychiatry: Challenges and Best Practices for Studies in Children and Adolescents


The Human Circadian System in Normal and Disordered Sleep

Epidemiology of Autistic Disorder and Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders

Attitudes Toward Benzodiazepines Over the Years

Brainstorms: Is Psychopharmacologic "Inoculation" Effective in Preventing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder?

The Role of Second-Generation Antipsychotic Monotherapy in the Rapid Control of Acute Bipolar Mania

The Impact of Bipolar Depression

Schizophrenia, Antipsychotic Drugs, and Cardiovascular Disease

The Neurobiology of Depression: Inroads to Treatment and New Drug Discovery

Issues in Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Low Testosterone Levels Predict Incident Depressive Illness in Older Men: Effects of Age and Medical Morbidity

Long-Term Treatment in Bipolar Disorder

The Implications of Medical and Psychiatric Comorbidity With Panic Disorder

The Effects of Benzodiazepines on Cognition

Neurochemistry in the Pathophysiology of Autism.

Prevalence, Associated Risks, and Treatment Patterns of Insomnia

Challenges in the Management of Bipolar Depression

Schizophrenia and Comorbid Metabolic Disorders

Atypical Antipsychotic Augmentation of Mood Stabilizer Therapy in Bipolar Disorder

Diagnosis and Management of Patients With Bipolar II Disorder

Use of Atypical Antipsychotics in Refractory Depression and Anxiety

The GABA-Benzodiazepine Receptor Complex: Structure, Function, and Role in Anxiety

Major Depressive Disorder in Children and Adolescents: Clinical Trial Design and Antidepressant Efficacy

Insomnia: A Primary Care Perspective