Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Issue 78(3)

Clinical Outcomes in Children and Adolescents With Bipolar Disorder and Substance Use Disorder Comorbidity

The Relationship Between Stressful Life Events and Axis I Diagnoses Among Adolescent Offspring of Probands With Bipolar and Non-Bipolar Psychiatric Disorders and Healthy Controls: The Pittsburgh Bipolar Offspring Study (BIOS)

Adding Clinical Validity to the Statistical Power of Large-Scale Epidemiological Surveys on Internet Addiction in Adolescence: A Combined Approach to Investigate Psychopathology and Development-Specific Personality Traits Associated With Internet #07#

Lithium Levels in Tap Water and the Mental Health Problems of Adolescents: An Individual-Level Cross-Sectional Survey

Antipsychotic Use and the Risk of Hip Fracture Among Community-Dwelling Persons With Alzheimer’s Disease

Tardive Dyskinesia Prevalence in the Period of Second-Generation Antipsychotic Use: A Meta-Analysis

Effect of Antipsychotic Type and Dose Changes on Tardive Dyskinesia and Parkinsonism Severity in Patients With a Serious Mental Illness: The Curaçao Extrapyramidal Syndromes Study XII

Inflammatory Markers and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor as Potential Bridges Linking Bipolar Disorder and Cardiovascular Risk Among Adolescents

Offspring Outcomes in Studies of Antidepressant-Treated Pregnancies Depend on the Choice of Control Group

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Risk for First-Episode Major Depression During the Menopause Transition

The Antidepressant Effect of Repeat Dose Intravenous Ketamine Is Delayed by Concurrent Benzodiazepine Use

Just What Is “Dialectical” About Dialectical Behavior Therapy?

Drs Goodman and Hazlett Reply

JCP: A Look Back, and a Look Forward

Is the Noradrenergic Symptom Cluster a Valid Construct in Adjunctive Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder?

Efficacy and Safety of Aripiprazole Once-Monthly in the Maintenance Treatment of Bipolar I Disorder: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, 52-Week Randomized Withdrawal Study

Anxiety, Inflammatory Markers, and Antipsychotics

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Young Children 3 Years Posttrauma: Prevalence and Longitudinal Predictors

Persistence of Specific Phobia From Adolescence to Early Adulthood: Longitudinal Follow-Up of the Mexican Adolescent Mental Health Survey

Extent, Time Course, and Moderators of Antipsychotic Treatment in Youth With Mood Disorders: Results of a Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression Analyses

Duration and Relevance of Untreated Psychiatric Disorders, 1: Psychotic Disorders

Psychological Reactions Following the November 2015 Paris Attacks: Perceiving the World as Unjust and Unsafe