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We offer a Web-based service which will allow full access to our article(s). This service ("eprints") will permit you to distribute the security code to others interested in the article(s) and will allow them ​to both view electronically and print ONE copy of the article. Access is through a URL address/security code and/or a direct link.

Once an article is selected, please contact Maureen Bunner-Hunsucker (mhunsucker@psychiatrist.com)with the article citation information, payment information as well as number of views. You will receive your security code along with the URL address (www.psychiatrist.com/eprint) within 24 hours and it may be viewed immediately. The eprint does not expire until all views have been used however an expiration date may be created if desired (no refund for views not used).

Please contact Maureen Bunner-Hunsucker with any questions.

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