Internet Policy

Internet Policy Governing Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc., Web Sites

This policy was developed jointly by the CME Institute of Physicians Postgraduate Press (CME) and CME Internal and External Advisory Boards. The policy will be reviewed regularly and revised as necessary. Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. welcomes comments from users of the sites. Send your comments to

The Web sites will indicate the names of editors, authors, and contributors and their affiliations, relevant credentials, and relevant conflicts of interest; documentation and attribution of references and sources for all content; information about copyright; disclosure of site ownership; and disclosure of sponsorship, advertising, and commercial funding.

Specifically, ownership of the Web site will be clearly indicated on a direct link from the home screen. Copyright ownership of specif​ic content will be clearly indicated on screen and on items printed from the site. A list of staff members responsible for design and production will be posted on the Web site. Although the anonymity of peer review with respect to individual publications is maintained, lists of those who serve as peer reviewers for The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and The Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders are posted.

Policy for Editorial Content

Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. is committed to providing high-quality, scientifically objective health information on its Web sites. Users of our Web sites will be given the necessary information, navigational directions, and tools to judge the quality, scientific integrity, and objectivity of the content on our Web sites.

  1. Content is defined as all information in any format that appears on our Web site.
  2. Content will be reviewed for quality and scientific integrity before posting. All CME materials will be reviewed by experts not involved in the creation of the content, and the content will be revised, when necessary, in response to these reviews. Non-CME postings will be reviewed according to the Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. guidelines. Postings from The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and the Primary Care Companion for CNS Disorders, for example, undergo formal peer review. Other postings rely on editorial review.
  3. Dates that the content is posted, revised, and updated will be included. The Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. Editorial Department will regularly review the sites and remove time-sensitive materials.
  4. Authors and their affiliations will be clearly identified for specific postings. The authors will provide relevant financial disclosures for each posting.
  5. Links to external sites will be reviewed before posting and maintained and monitored. Links to commercial sites must comply with our Policy for Advertising, II-B4.

Policy for Sponsorship and Advertising

  1. Sponsorship
    1. The CME Institute of Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. adheres to the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Standards for Commercial Support. The design and production of any educational activities that appear on our Web site shall be the ultimate responsibility of Physicians Postgraduate Press.
    2. All support for electronic postings will be acknowledged and clearly stated on the first page of the posting and on any materials used to publicize the online product.
    3. The final wording and placement of the acknowledgement statement will be determined by Physicians Postgraduate Press Inc. The wording will be similar to the support statement used in enduring materials published by Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc.
    4. The support statement may include the company logo of the sponsor.
    5. Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. may require other acknowledgements and disclosures when they are deemed necessary.
    6. The Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. logo may not appear on the sponsoring company Web site as a logo or in any other form without prior written approval from the Permissions Department at Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc.
  2. Advertising
    1. Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. may decide to sell advertising space on its Web site when the inclusion of such advertising does not interfere with its mission or objectives.
    2. Digital advertisements must be readily distinguishable from editorial content.
    3. Decisions to sell advertising are made independently of and without information pertinent to specific editorial content. Advertising is not sold or purchased on the basis of editorial adjacency. Advertisements are delivered randomly throughout the site and are allowed to change constantly. Every effort has been made to avoid conflicts between advertisements and full-text articles on a similar topic; the likelihood that a random conflict may occur is minimized by the rotation of advertisements.
    4. Physicians Postgraduate Press, Inc. retains the right to reject or discontinue posting of any submitted advertisement.