"A Ginkgo Cocktail, Anyone?"

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​TY is a 42-year-old woman whom I had just seen for her annual physical. New to the area, she had been treated by her prior internist for galactorrhea with bromocriptine. It seems that her prolactin level was quite high, but the results of her annual MRI (yes, she has had 5 so far) were still normal. When I reviewed her chart, I had noticed that she was successfully being treated with risperidone for what was called obsessive-compulsive disorder (although I suspect she is really bipolar). I switched her to olanzapine, and today, 6 weeks later, her mood is stable, her prolactin level is normal, and she is off bromocriptine with no milk leakage. ​

Primary Care Companion J Clin Psychiatry 2001;3(6):263-264