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Physical Symptoms of Depression as a Public Health Concern

J Clin Psychiatry 2003;64(suppl 7):3-4

Depressive disorders are a public health problem. They occur frequently, and it is highly likely that their prevalence will grow in the years to come. Depressive disorders can have severe consequences in terms of suffering, disability, and increased mortality, particularly if left untreated. They are present in all cultural settings and present a major difficulty for the normal functioning of patients’ families. A large proportion of people with depressive disorders do not get treatment, and a major reason depressive disorders go unrecognized is that they often present mainly physical symptoms. The fact that depression often co-occurs with physical illness further complicates the diagnosis and treatment of depressive disorders. Better undergraduate education of medical students and general education for the public in understanding and treating depressive disorders could considerably improve the prognosis of patients suffering from these illnesses.